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Emails are electronic mails which are sent via internet from one computer to one or more recipient. Emails are way faster than the ordinary letter service and are more organized. Emails allow you to keep a record of the transaction of messages or communication. Emails can be sent or received from anywhere with the help of a computer (or even phone or tablet) and internet.

Today Emails are the most important form of communication in the world of business. Due to its cost efficiency and lightning fast speed these are more relied upon by people rather than the ordinary letter or mailing service. One amazing feature of electronic mails is that you can attach files from your computer to it and send the files to the receiver in no time. Owing to all of its positives, Emails have now become an unavoidable part of our personal lives and could be used to send personal messages on informal grounds too.

Why is Gmail important to us?

Launched by Google in 2004, Gmail ended its testing in 2009. Gmail is one of the best, and the most relied upon mailing service in the world. It was launched with a storage capacity of one gigabyte per user, which was much greater than the storage which was provided by the other companies. Now its storage capacity for one user has risen fifteen times. After being the first application in the Google Play Store to reach one million installs, it has nearly 1.4billion users in the world presently.

Gmail allows you to have a well-organized inbox with emails and advertisements or promotion makes divided into categories. It also has a spam filter feature which will help you to mark certain mails as spam.

Dive into the possible Gmail error codes and messages

While browsing your Gmail account have you ever received any message such as ‘something went wrong’ or ‘Oops..the system is unable to perform any operation’? If yes then you are facing some Gmail Error Message.

  • Gmail Error 500 is a temporary and one of the most common errors that you might face while browsing your Gmail account and it happens mostly when the server encounters an unexpected situation.This can be avoided by cleaning your browser catch by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Delete. And if this doesn’t help you can restart your computer or check the internet connection.
  • Gmail Error 78144 is faced when one is trying to delete his trash folder. Firstly, you do not need to delete messages from the trash; Gmail will by default delete those messages if they have been there for more than 30 days.
  • ‘Gmail won’t load’ is a very common problem that one might face when there is a problem regarding the server.

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