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Gmail is a well-renowned mailing service provider used worldwide. Launched in the year 2004, by Google, the testing ended in 2009. Throughout the years its offers kept on improving. Today Gmail is one of the most relied upon email service provider. To eradicate complications, Gmail has set up separate space for emails and promotional emails. Gmail works in 72 different languages which has helped its user to communicate easily.

Issues you might face while using Gmail

There are multiple issues and complications which you might face if you have an account in Google mail. Many questions might come to your mind if you are using Gmail, especially for the first time. Not only do we care for you but also know the importance of guidance to get your queries solved. Some of the most common Gmail FAQ are:

What are the features of Gmail?

Gmail’s multiple features have made it a favorite among users. Some of them are:

  • Filters which allow you to organize your inbox.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are available in Gmail.
  • You can use multiple accounts.
  • You can mute conversations to avoid unnecessary rants.
  • Gmail comes with the video chat feature; isn’t it amazing?
  • You can access Gmail from other online accounts.

How to change the password of your Gmail account?

To change your Gmail password go to Setting > Account > Change Account > Setting > Change Password.

How to recover deleted messages?

The process differs whether you want to recover your emails before 30 days or after. After 30 days your emails would be automatically recovered, you don’t have to do anything.

Can a user have multiple email addresses?

A user can have multiple email addresses, 30 at most.

How big can an attachment be?

You can receive an email up to 50 megabytes but you cannon sent messages of more than 25 megabytes. In case you are willing to do so, you will have to insert the files from your Google Drive.

Can one change the subject of an email he has sent?

It is not possible to change the subject of an email which has already been sent. But it is possible to change the subject of an email when you reply to an email or forward it to someone else. Click on the small black arrow in the right of the “reply to” to reveal options. Choose “Edit Subject” and make the necessary changes.

How to mark an email as spam?

After opening Gmail selects the message, you want to mark as spam and then click on the spam button which is available on the toolbar.

What to do when Google says that one has violated the Terms and Services?

If you receive an email stating that you have been banned or disabled from using Gmail for some time a link would appear “Next step for disabled account” and you can submit your appeal there.

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