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Emails are messages which are sent by electronic means from one computer user to one or more recipients with the help of internet. Emails reach the recipients faster and help you to keep a record of the communication.  The best thing about Email is that you can attach files, images, and other media to it. You can send or receive emails anywhere using a computer or a phone.

Email is the most significant method of communication on an official background and is also the most important source of communication in the world of business. Today communication among business firms and other organizations are done by Email service. Not only is it cheap but also a very reliable source of communication. But Emails are used on informal grounds too for personal purpose.

Sneak peek into the history of G-mail.

Google mail is an email service supported by Google. Launched in the year 2004, Gmail had a storage capacity of one gigabyte per person which was relatively higher than the other email services. But today it has nearly 15 gigabytes of storage with around 1.4 billion users worldwide. It is the first app on the Google play with more than a million installs.

Gmail provides you with an organized inbox where messages and advertisements are separated categorically. It comes with a spam filter which allows you to mark certain Emails as spam. Gmail allows you to manage multiple accounts from one app. One interesting feature of Gmail is that it supports 72 languages including Bulgarian, Marathi and Hebrew.

Has anybody hacked your Gmail account?

Is your inbox going crazy? Or have your friends received Emails which you haven’t sent? If yes, then your account is hacked. Following are the symptoms to check whether your account is hacked or not.

  • Your password has been changed and you are not able to sign in to your Gmail account.
  • Unusual inbox activity is one basic symptom of your account being hacked.
  • You are receiving unusual emails.
  • The IP address isn’t matching.
  • Some messages are missing.

Generally, hacking can be avoided by choosing a strong password and two-step verification. In two-step verification, you need a password and another identifier to access your account.

Recover your lost account

Our experts are always there to help recover hacked Gmail account. We care about your worries, and you can recover your hacked Gmail account with our help. The longer you wait, more difficult would it be to recover the hacked account, causing more trouble for you.

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You can reach us by email, live chat support or you can dial Gmail Support number +1-800-715-9525.We are open to you all throughout the day. We promise you reliable service and highly experienced officials. The pocket pinch is low, and our experts will fix the matter instantly. So hurry up, your hacked account is just a call away.

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