Emails, also known as electronic mails are sent through the internet. They are sent from one computer user to one or more receivers. Emails reach the receivers instantly and are way faster than the ordinary method of sending letters, which is now known as ‘snail mail service’ and are even more cost-efficient than the usual mail services. You can even attach files and media to an Email.

Email today is one of the most important sources of communication in the world of business. Emails can be sent and received from anywhere (where there is access to the internet) with the help of your computer, phone or tablet. But today Emails are not limited only to the official world; personal emails are also sent and received.

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Google mail is a mailing service which was launched by Google. It started to develop in the year 2004, and the testing ended in 2009. Gmail initially had a storage capacity of one gigabyte per person which now has reached the storage capacity of 15 gigabytes. With nearly 1.4 billion active users, Gmail was the first app in Google Play Store to reach one million installs.

Gmail has a spam filtering feature which will help you mark unwanted Emails as spam. You can receive emails up to 50 megabytes and can send messages up to 25 megabytes which could maximise the size and to send bigger files you have to insert the files from Google Drive. Gmail deals with 72 languages including, Hebrew, Malayalam, and Basque, etc.

Issues with the Gmail Sign In

Following are the basic things one might encounter while using a Gmail account:

  • You forgot your password
  • You forgot your username.
  • In spite of knowing your username and password, you are not able to sign in.
  • You are suspicious of someone else using your account.
  • Facing trouble with the two-step verification.
  • Cannot reset your password.

Such problems mostly occur due to very basic carelessness. Wrongly spelled password or username can create such a problem. Slow internet connection might also make it harder for you to access your account. Browser problems might also trigger Gmail sign in problem.

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Gmail Customer Support is Ready to Help:-

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